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A Chimney Sweep Provides Many Benefits For Your Home

Chimney Sweep Provides
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If you are looking for chimney repair services in Connecticut, Rick’s Chimney Service is guaranteed to get your chimney problems solved. Since 1996 Rick’s Chimney has provided over 3,800 satisfied customers throughout Connecticut with chimney services from chimney sweep in Stratford, CT to chimney liners in Fairfield, CT. Rick shows up on time to every job, gives honest feedback, and will never sell you what you don’t need. You know you are getting a true professional when you sign up with Rick’s Chimney Service!

Why You Should Address Your Chimney Problems Now Instead of Later

Chimney Sweep Provides

When you wait to address your chimney problems you can be affecting your home’s health. From built up flue causing a potential fire hazard to hazardous gases leaking into your home – chimney problems need attention right when they first arise. Rick’s Chimney Service is a part of the Chimney Safety Institute of America, which is a nationally-recognized program to provide chimney and venting safety resources to you and those working in the chimney and roofing industries.

The Benefits of Chimney Sweep

A chimney inspection and chimney sweep should be performed annually to ensure that there is nothing going on inside. Chimneys can become blocked with soot and debris, leaving your chimney unable to perform as well as usual. To prevent further debris and animals from getting into your chimney, a chimney cap is a recommended line of defense.

So don’t hesitate to call Rick’s Chimney Service with any questions or concerns. If you wait too long to have your chimney serviced, costly repairs can arise. Rick handles all chimney services from video inspections to chimney relining and sweeping. For a fully functional roof, contact Rick’s Chimney Service today!

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