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Choosing The Right Type Of Spiral Staircase For Your Home

Spiral Staircase For Your Home
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A lot of people adds spiral staircases for many reasons; some want to add glamor to their home, some wants to save up space, while some just want a good home improvement, but there are actually different types of spiral staircases that you have to know before deciding to buy and install one.

Because the different types of spiral staircases also have its own distinct characteristics and functions that might not be that suitable for your home, and the last thing you would want to have is regrets, and in order to prevent that from happening, might as well take some time to learn the different types of spiral stairs so that you can decide whether a spiral staircase will fit in your home or it might be a complete contrast to your interior design or features.

Spiral staircases come in two different categories; indoor and outdoor designs and each design should always meet your requirements such as the space that it will consume, the material that will be used, and the height of it, but in this article from enzie Spiral Staircases it would be much better to talk about the different types of spiral staircases before you head off to learning other things about spiral staircases so that you can determine which type is aesthetically perfect for your home.

Spiral Staircase For Your Home

  • Steel- Probably the most popular type of spiral staircases, the steel type because it is a cost-effective option that can be very flexible in its design. If you incorporate it with a design, it can fit in easily and it is also very customizable particularly its spindles and handrails that have many decorative options. It can be as simple as you want or as customized as you want.
  • Wood- If you have a very traditional taste and wants an elegant type of spiral staircase, probably, the wood type is perfect for you. Solid wood spiral staircases are perfect for indoor use. Just like the steel type, it can also be easily customized according to your preferences. You can choose different types of wood for your spiral staircases.
  • Iron- If you want to have a good Victorian style of home and want to add an elegant and bold feature to it, the iron-type spiral staircase is ideal for you. Iron spiral staircases have different decorative balusters that have patterned designs which add more beauty and complement to your home’s design.
  • Galvanized Steel-Compared to the conventional steel type, galvanized steel spiral staircase is very cost effective that can last a generation. Considering that galvanized steel is forged to withstand different weather conditions it can prevent rust from setting in for a very long time making it very durable and cost-effective.
  • Aluminum- This type of spiral staircase is perfect for the exterior part of your house because of its rust-resistant feature that requires less maintenance.

Spiral staircases are a great addition for home improvement purposes, now that you learn the different types of it, hopefully, you can determine which type is perfect for your home.

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