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Do I Or Do I Not? – Answers to Commonly Asked Questions on Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have been used for many years mostly because of their aesthetic beauty and warmth. However, in the recent years, and with the rise of the information age, a lot of people are questioning the authenticity of hardwood floors and sometimes even opting for alternatives like carpet installation Lawrenceville.

There are several rumors and myths concerning hardwood floors. Most of these are spread through the internet and can potentially cost you your hard earned money or your future comfortable life. In this article we will address some of the most common myths, so that you make an educated decision on the flooring option for your home.

Hardwood Floors

  1. High quality hardwood finishing will prevent denting and scratching

Half true, half false.

Although a lot of hardwood floor installation providers will sell to you the idea that particular types of hardwoods are dent or scratch resistant, this is not entirely true. Quality hardwood floor refinishing Lawrenceville will help in increasing the longevity of the floors, but they are not an assurance for a dent-proof wall. In most cases it’s even wiser to select a wood finishing that will dent together with the wood in order to maintain the seal that is normally provided with the finishing.

No matter how good your hardwood floor finishing is, it can never be 100 percent scratch free. If you really want to prove this, try dragging anything sharp against the quality finished wood, say ceramic tile. You will wish you never experimented. If you want something more scratch proof then you are better off consulting carpet installation Lawrenceville.

  1. Hardwood floor refinishing can be done as a DIY project

Also true, and false.

A number of people have undertaken hardwood floor refinishing Lawrenceville as a DIY project and the results are mixed. There are tool rental shops that rent floor sanders. This equipment is however mostly low-grade, which explains the mixed results low. Professional hardwood floor refinishing personnel will use quality tools when doing refinishing. So while a professional will be able to take out the ideal amount of wood when sanding the wear layer, you may end up ‘eating’ too much of the layer and this will cause a permanent damage to thewood and reduce its shelf-life.

  1. Hardwood floors require regular waxing


Floor finishes have evolved with time and the once popular non-durable tung oil is not so popular for use on hardwood floors anymore. Floor refinishing for today is done using durable material. Polyurethane finishes are used for ‘non-wax’ floors ad alkyd resin is being used for increasing the durability of the hardwood floors. However regular waxing is still important if you want to keep the aesthetic beauty and luster of your wooded floor for longer.

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