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Interior Decoration Trends: Look Both Ways

Slogans & Words
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With many home owners leading busy lives, working full time jobs and bringing up a family, it can be hard to find the time to get creative with your interior design. This is why so many people are now turning to get help from an interior design expert when it comes to decorating their home. One of the most sought after trends this year is the “Look Both Ways” theme – it uses a colour palette that’s visually friendly and warm, yet possesses an edge of intrigue.

This phrase refers to the fact that in design, there is always another trend to try and incorporate into your interior design, so basically you should look in all directions to find the colour or the style that really suits you. For example, for every yin there is a yang, a salt shaker is always accompanied by a pepper pot, a positive charge is supplemented by a negative and the sun wouldn’t exist without the moon. While each trend may be related to another, it can be different in its own right, so looking both ways before you decide which style to use is vital in interior design.

Colours & Hues

The colour palette used with this décor theme is an interesting one, with muted colours that give it an elegant yet simple feel. In place of primary colours, this style uses ochres and corals rather than yellows and oranges, and it also has a darker side with its use of deep midnight rather than blues. Dulux Trade has recently announced that the 2016 Colour of the Year is called “Cherished Gold”, which is a bold, golden colour that looks set to seamlessly and very naturally take over from this year’s “Copper Blush”.

Slogans & Words

Slogans & Words

Using text to decorate walls is hugely popular; this can vary from using oversized letters through to entire slogans and phrases. They can appear on stickers or be hand-painted onto a wall, and in some rooms such as a kitchen, a handwritten message on a chalkboard is really effective. Wall murals and canvas prints are also popular this year, as you can see in the example below.

Murals & Prints

Murals & Prints

Several designers are now using wall murals and prints to create a stylish look in any room inside a house, which use a range of images. For example, you can shop online through a few companies and purchase a giant world map in the form of a canvas print, or you can buy a non-woven wall mural that features an image of a flock of birds. The great thing about using prints and murals is their versatile nature, as you can choose a design to suit any room in your home.

The Grid & Letting Go

This style is all about using a mixture of black and white accompanied by bolder golds and reds to create grids. These grids can run in different directions or use geometric patterns, and can range from a large confetti splattering through to tessellating triangles. The inspiration behind this theme is to go off grid, let go of our busy daily lifestyles and instead celebrate a form of organised chaos that these designs provide a sense of. This is a fun and unique way to inject some rebellious designs into your home for a quirky look.

From using different colours and words, through to hanging prints and using different styles, there are plenty of things that you can do to decorate your home that anyone can replicate.

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