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Mice vs Rats: The Destructive House Pests

Mice vs Rats
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Only if they were as cute as Jerry, you wouldn’t have had any problem co-living with them at your own home. But they are not.They are not any cute. They are not any pretty. They are not really entertaining. They are destructive. They are invasive. They are unhygienic. They will tear off cushions, chew your prized furniture, leave droppings at every corner of your home and wouldn’t mind sharing your food. Call them mice or rats who care? They are all rodents and uninvited.

But if you want to fend off these little monsters, you need to gain some insights about their physical features, behaviour and habitat to apply most effective pest control techniques. So read on next to explore a bit about them.

Mice vs Rats

Mice vs rats. Are they same?

Physical Features

Physical features the easiest way to tell them apart. Mice have smaller body structure than rats. It varies from 3 to 10 cm depending on the area where they live. They have larger ears. Their tail is longer and thinner than that of rats. They have a light coloured belly and soft brown or grey hair on the entire body. The teeth are small and leave small holes on clothes due to their nibbling tendencies. Their droppings have pointed ends.

On the other hand rats have large body structure. So for catching rats, small mouse traps won’t work. They have short ears and thicker hairless tails. Feet are large in comparison to their bodies. Their droppings are somewhat elongated. Rats are poor sighted whereas mice are completely colour-blind. Although there are many sub species but these are some of the common features in both mice and rats.


Mice vs rats have distinct behaviours. Rats being superior to mice can kill mice for survival competition. But mice won’t do the same.

Rats are the smarter organism among the two. They don’t fall in traps too easily. They are cautious with their moves. They are completely aware about their surrounding and potential danger. Even the food needs to win their trust. They eat in small amounts initially just to be sure that it’s safe.


They can surviveharsh environments. They tend to survive well in cities due to the large amount of waste produced on daily basis. They can have their own gala time into them. They will eat almost anything including electrical wires, papers and other non-edible items. Human food is among their favourite ones.


Why should we be bothered?

These rodents carry a lot of parasites in their body given they wonder around in drainage pipes and other filthy areas. They would carry the same dirt and harmful pathogens at home. They would leave trails and nibble on food, making the people living in it, susceptible to diseases.

If you have rats vs mice living at home, call for a pest control service in your locality immediately so that they take proper majors to clear away all the rodents and other creepy pests and also prevent from further invasion.

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