Moving to Edmonton? First Things You Need to Do

Moving to Edmonton
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Moving from one province to another can be stressful on you and your family, especially if you don’t have a checklist of what to do first. Are you Moving to Edmonton? Then this checklist should help you on your way.

Break the news to your family. You cannot prepare for the move on your own unless you are living by yourself. Keeping the move a secret from your family, especially from the ones you live with, is a complete no-no. Are you moving to Edmonton? Then tell your spouse as soon as possible if you are married. If you have kids, telling them about something as big as a move to another state could be pretty earth shattering, but with enough planning, you should be able to deliver it well. Are you moving to Edmonton? Rather than keeping things to yourself, tell your best friends and your closest family the news so they can help you with the transition as well.

First thing’s first: the documentation. You will need to notify the post office that you are changing addresses. This way, any mail that is sent to your old address can be redirected to your new one. You also need to transfer everything from your savings account to your health records to Edmonton. If you have kids, you need to make sure their academic records are also transferred to the new school or at least handed over to you for reference.

Moving to Edmonton

Look for trustworthy movers. Are you moving to Edmonton? You can do two things: you can hire a truck and drive everything on your own, or you can hire good movers who can do most of the work for you. Out of the two, the latter is more ideal unless you are in a very tight budget.

Most people work around the cost because hiring trustworthy movers for this service is just more secure. Remember, you buy into insurance coverage too and the labor of packing and transporting your things. With professional handling, your furniture and other items are also generally safer during the move. Just make sure you have in your shortlist at least six moving companies. Compare, first and foremost, their reputation, and then their pricing scheme. Sit on it, and if you can, involve someone you trust with the decision so you know you’re making the right choice. Once you’ve hired a mover, read the contract from cover to cover to make sure you are not short changing yourself.

Settle in. Are you moving to Edmonton? As ideal as the state may be for you as a home, it won’t be home unless you establish connections to it. Set up your bank account, look for a family doctor, and choose good schools for your kids that are as similar to their old school as possible. Before the big move, talk to your children. They could be dealing with a lot of emotions because of the move. Acknowledge them and assure them things will pass, and they will be able to adjust. They will feel more secure about the move when they know you are there for them and that you can listen to their problems even if you are dealing with a lot of things yourself that is related to the move. Make yourself available. Soon enough, they will see the new space you’ve built for them as a good home.

Moving to Edmonton? List everything that you need to do. If looking for professional movers to help you out, call us today and let us discuss how we can be of service.

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