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Professional Plumber
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When thinking about whether to tackle a plumbing job as a DIY project, or to call a professional plumber, it might be interesting to take a look at some of the tools that plumbers use on a regular basis. If you do not have all of these and know how to use them in the exact circumstances needed for plumbing, you might be better off making that call and getting the plumbers Toronto residents use to come take a look at your problem or project.

Of course you know that plumbers use wrenches – a slew of them, actually. You should have a number of these pipe wrenches in a variety of sizes and in pairs to address both sides of a pipe join. Another specific wrench needed is a faucet nut wrench which provides special leverage for dealing with these parts. Simple tools include a putty knife and a stiff bristle wire brush to clean threads and other parts, and the plumbing tape and glue plus replacement fittings needed for those quick jobs.

Professional Plumber

Then it starts to get interesting. There are pipe cutters or saws, a torch for soldering and the supplies that go with that operation. Something handy is a tube cutter to remove sections of small diameter pipe plus a ball-peen hammer for knocking things into place. There should also be a pipe handle extension for those hard to reach nooks and crannies that can get you in trouble under some sinks or other tight areas.

Of course, for clogged drains there needs to be a manual router, sometimes called a snake. There is also an electric powered router or a pressurized rig to deal with large pipes, and if the lines are long a video camera with extended use cables should be used for visual inspection – checking to see if tree roots have grown into the drainage pipes or if there is a break in the pipe walls somewhere along their path.

If welding is required to do work on a particular job with metal pipes, the supplies include welding rods in a variety of sizes, acetylene, gloves and goggles, grinders and metals for making the weld and clamps to hold the weld until it is permanent. These types of jobs might not come up often, but if the home has used metal pipes, it is quite likely that welding might be necessary at some point.

As you can see, the variety of tools far exceeds a couple of wrenches and some plumbing glue. When you get into a plumbing job, sometimes you can’t really stop to go buy another tool you didn’t know you were going to need – it has to already be close to hand or you will have a bigger problem than you had to start with. While it seems like something that you could easily forego professional help with, in all actuality hiring professional Toronto plumbers is a cost efficient move that makes sense. You’ll be glad you let the professionals tackle that “simple” plumbing problem or project. Find your plumber Toronto home owners rely on at

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