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The Monochromatic Miracle – The Handwoven Moroccan Berber Rug

Handwoven Moroccan Berber Rug
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Color is one of the world’s most important qualities. People immediately understand color when they see it. Color can influence mood and change how people feel and think. This is why is it is important to think about the use of color in any space. Color will inform how people perceive space. Therefore the monochromatic hues in a Berber rug are so highly prized. The color found in such rugs is, at first glance, made of a single hue. Upon further examination, however, as people look closer at the rug, they realize that behind the single colors lie an entire world of marvelous color. Such subtle colors are adored by those who truly appreciate the use of craft and color that also allows the eye to rest at the same time. The colors found in a Beni Ourain rug are colors that allow for elegance even when using only a single type of shade.

Handwoven Moroccan Berber Rug

Handwoven Craft

One of the ways that the use of color that is achieved in a Berber rug is by the use of hand weaving. These rugs are carefully made by craftsman in the hills of the world-famous Atlas Mountains. This land is rugged and requires a great deal of knowledge about local conditions to survive. Those who live here rely on several things to help them get by. One of the most important are the sheep they grow. The sheep that survive in this part of the world are sheep that give off amazing wool. Such wool is then used to create rugs that are adored by those who love fine things in the rest of the world. The rugs they make are rugs that call upon designs that have been created over many hundreds of years. Such rugs take inspiration from the understated tones in the area that appear in nature.

An Elegant Palette

As each Beni Ourain rug is turned from raw wool to a rug, the weavers think carefully about how best to bring out the natural color of the rug. They use rugs that appear to monochromatic at first. Indeed, they often draw on a single specific color. Yet, within such an apparently limited choice of material lies the ability to take a single color and turn into a miracle of varied types of colors. The wool they use to create the rugs is one that has a great deal of light to it. When viewed from up close, flecks of many colors appear in the structure of the finished rug. The result is a rug that is both of a single color and yet one that is also of many colors at the very same time.

A Fine Thing

When placed in any room, the Beni Ourain rug serves as a rug that can add a wonderful series of totally understated colors. Drawing on the sort of natural colors that surround us at every turn, the rugs are ideal for those who appreciate nature and wish to draw it right inside. Hand weaving means that every single section of the rug has been thought about in great detail even before the rug is started. Experts know exactly how to take the raw material they have on hand and use it to create masterpiece. They also know how to use color well in order to make something that will stand the test of time. Such careful attention to detail means that each buyer has the kind of rug that they can use in any room in the home to get a fabulous item that is a true miracle.

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