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Tips For An Easy End Of Tenancy Clean

Tenancy Clean
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End of tenancy cleaning is probably the most important cleaning in your whole stay in your apartment. It’s that moment when you need to be the most careful and tidy. It’s your deposit at risk. The landlord may always require high hygiene but at this very moment your slack may cost you quite the money. If you are not careful you may end up with even more than a substantial money lost – you could lose image and never more be able to return to a good property deal. So if you want to keep your money and reputation you should try to do your best and leave only empty clean room.

The problem however is that the effective end of tenancy cleaning is precisely during your move out. During the time when you have to take care for your removal, new home and may be new job. There could be so much trouble with them that you will simply not have the energy or the time to take care of the cleaning. It’s true there are so many things when you start at new place that cleaning could very easy be the last thing that comes to mind. But that quite often isn’t the mind of your landlord. Just the opposite. If there is a time when cleaning is most important for him or her, this is it. So you could come in a very treacherous spider web – on one side you will have shrinking time window before tenancy comes to an end with an eager for a clean apartment landlord, on the other – a messy removal and may be a handful of problems. Don’t think your landlord won’t use the opportunity to take your deposit away or moving will be an easy process. Actually, it’s just the opposite – removals are bound to be messy. It will be up to you to do the cleaning afterwards for the short time before you have to give up the keys. It’s a recipe for disaster. The only way to prevent it is to come up with nice solutions for cleaning both fast and easy so everything can be cleaned in time. Here are a few suggestions:

Tenancy Clean

• The first thing you should do is always make a schedule. Sit for a few minutes and write all your tasks down. Then prioritize – choose which is more important and what is just a nuisance. Once you set up your priorities arrange them. Think about for a second what will be the simplest and most time-efficient way to clean your place and do the list accordingly. You may think it’s not a big deal but order is the foundation of the universe so a good list might prove irreplaceable when moving time comes. Especially if something unexpected happens and you don’t have time to figure things out.

• When the moving company is over your home will most likely be a total mess. Moving heavy furniture or empting your rooms will inevitably unveil lots of dust and dirt because you can’t possibly clean every small corner and crevice between you furniture and the wall or the floor. This will leave much dirt in your apartment, especially around the places where your furniture used to be and even marks on the floor and the walls so your first concern will be to take care of it. Prepare garbage bags, groom and vacuum cleaner to take care of the dust and dirt and maybe some lime and paint for the marks.

• Buy everything you will need in advance. The last thing you will need is to run to the store for extra garbage bags or windows cleaner so take your time to assess precisely what you will need and make sure you are well staffed when moving day comes. Once you have figured out what you will need to move out and make your moving checklist you should be able to assess very well what will be necessary and buy the appropriate things. Don’t leave anything to chance and buy enough to be sure you can handle your moving and the cleaning after. If you lack something in the important moment when you need to clean just before moving out you may be in trouble.

• Figure out the most appropriate cleaning solutions for your needs and prepare them in advance. Make sure that once the movers are gone you will have all you need to sweep the dust and the dirt and shine-clean your place for one last time. This will be the best way to walk out. If you manage to prepare the most appropriate cleaning solutions in advance you could start immediately after vacuuming and make a great clean for little time. Timing and preparation is everything for an effective sweep!

• Don’t neglect the little corners and the crevices! Those are the places where the most dirt accumulates and the hardest to spot at the same time. But they often might be the first in your landlord’s checklist. So look carefully what those easy-to-miss small spots in your apartment are and once moving is over pay them special attention. Then your deposit will be safe. Such places are the corners, the door angels, the curtains rails, the bathroom pipework, the underneath of your sink, etc. Take good care of them after vacuuming the dust and sweeping the floors and you will have a great end of tenancy cleaning just before you leave. Then you will make your landlord wow!

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