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Top Tips for Kitchen Renovation from the Designer

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Remodeling is quite a demanding task. You need to change the whole arrangement of your home to rebuild it again. And when you are remodeling your home, the trickiest area to renovate is the kitchen.

A kitchen renovation is different than renovating the other areas of home, because there are always some static elements that cannot be moved during the renovation. You need to plan your remodeling keeping their positions in mind. So often, without the help of a designer, kitchen renovation becomes quite difficult. But, if you are thinking that hiring an interior designer only for the kitchen will become quite expensive as you are taking care of the renovation of the other parts of the home, then there is nothing to worry about. Here are a few ideas for your kitchen renovation that will help you revamp this area without the help of a designer. Take a look.


Function First

While you are remodeling your kitchen, more than the style, you will need to think of the functionality of your kitchen. . For ensuring the best functionality, you need to make sure that all the appliances of the kitchen are placed in the right places. The most functional model that I suggest to every of my clients is to make an imaginary triangle in between fridge, sink and cooking range. It will be helpful as you will be able to access the essential things when you are in a hurry.

Light it Up

The kitchen is the place that provides fuel for every one of your family. It is completely unacceptable if the kitchen becomes a bit darker. So, let the light come in the kitchen. Don’t even think of blocking the one window you have got in your kitchen. Let the natural light come in. In fact, if possible, add glass on the doors of the cabinet so that it reflects the light in the whole kitchen and makes it look brighter. You can use an elaborate lighting arrangement in the middle of the ceiling of your kitchen. It is an option only, if your kitchen is big enough. You can also fix some lights in and under the cabinets.


Stove is the Statement

You notice it or not, it is the stove that is the most used and most important equipment in your kitchen. If you are really thinking of investing on something worthy during kitchen renovation, I would suggest you invest on the stove. Get rid of the old one and choose from the wide range of new designs are available in the market. Make it the center of attention. It truly deserves that attention.

Consider Countertops

Choose a contrasting one with the whole look of your kitchen. Choose a darker one so that it can perfectly present the desired contrast to the look. Choose the design carefully so that no leftover food remains trapped in the seam. Make sure that the countertop is easy to clean as it will have to endure a lot of stress. So, choose the one that doesn’t lose its shine easily.



Cabinets are the only way to show your aesthetics in the design of your kitchen. So, replace the old boring ones and bring home new style. In fact, there are many providers who offer discount kitchen cabinets that come with some amazing designs. You can choose from their collection as well. Make sure you can strike the right balance of the whole décor of the kitchen. And while doing the décor, make sure you don’t overdo anything. That will be disastrous.

Use these ideas in your kitchen renovation. I am sure you will get the best results within your budget.

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